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Livonia Michigan

19 Dec, by Jschultz in Accounting, Business, Life, Tax

Livonia Michigan – Schultz & Associates, CPA, PLC is just a short drive from Livonia Michigan. What comes to mind when one thinks of Livonia Michigan? Perhaps, homes, family, community? Certainly, but thoughts of the City Hall, the barn, Green Mead, Livonia Mall, Wonderland Mall, …

Balance Sheet

18 Dec, by Jschultz in Accounting, Business

Balance Sheet The balance sheet portion of a financial statement say a lot.  The balance sheet is dated as a period in time. It is not a date range of information. It tells the reader the exact balance of that account on that date. The…

Business Plan

17 Dec, by Jschultz in Accounting, Business, Tax

  Business Plan The first stop for anyone writing a business plan for the first time should be the US Small Business Association website. The second step might be to contact your local chamber of commerce to see what kind of preliminary information they can…

Celebrating 10 Years in Plymouth Michigan

20 Nov, by Jschultz in Business

  Schultz & Associates, CPA, PLC is proud to have been established in Plymouth, Michigan ten years ago in 2003. Since our inception we have focused on personal service at the highest professional level. Follow Us