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Dental Practice Marketing


Dental Practice Marketing, An Accountant’s Viewpoint


Bringing website traffic to your dental practice

Dental Practice MarketingDoes it seem strange to be reading a web traffic article written by a CPA? Well consider this. Did you find this article by using Google, Yahoo or Bing?  Did it rank on the first page of Google.  How did an accountant figure out how to get a high rank for a dental practice marketing article?

What if you have been looking at financial data for dental practices for over twenty years. You would know a lot about the revenue drivers behind successful dental practices, and why other practices stagnate. You would certainly see many successful and many average practices. While training and education are main components of dental profession success, some of it must be marketing. And marketing the 21st century dental practice is a bit different from the days of newspapers and clipper ads.

Do you remember the days of print media? When you could place an advertisement in the local newspaper and new patients would quickly follow? As you know, those days are gone. Advertising remains the primary way patients look for a dentist. Your marketing effort must remain that same as it did back in print days.  Only now instead of print, you must understand website marketing.

As I have looked at successful practices and reviewed their websites over the years, I have made many observations. I have complied the top 4 items that I have found evident in dental websites maintained by dentist who run exceptional practices.


Google Reviews – Step One

It does not matter whether your practice location is in a large or small town. The easiest and quickest way to increase your presence on Google is to tap your existing dental patients.  Now is not the time to be shy. Everyone in the practice must engage in this dental practice marketing effort to increase your google reviews. => Read More



What dentist near you is ranking higher than you? And how do you beat them? – Step Two

Schultz staff stands out in a crowdIt sounds simple, but first figure out what the competition is doing. Then figure out what is different about your site compared to theirs.  Read their content and figure out what they are saying that is different from your site.  Then time to dig in a bit more.  Time to find out what keywords they are using. This is where it gets a bit technical, but there are web tools out there to help.

There are several web tools available for free or for a small price. They will tell you what key words are attracting the most attention on your competitors site.  Obviously, whichever keyword works for them will work for you.

Next do some big city dentist searches on the top search engines. Find out which dentists rank best in some larger cities. Perhaps have a conversation with them next time you see them at a Michigan Dental Association conference.  Maybe since they are not your direct competition, they may be inclined to provide you with what works for them. But knowing the keywords does not help unless you have access to your own site.

Access to your website – Step Three

Be sure the company that builds your website gives you access to update content. If the designer will not do this, then it is time to find a new developer. I understand that some designers like to build a site from scratch.  While I am not exactly sure what that means, I would hope that if one took this approach, it would allow for the layman to navigate the back end of the site. If the designer cannot provide a user-friendly back end, then find another developer.

I think most web designers tend to work with WordPress. Which is good for the non-technical type. However, it still allows the programmer to do what they need to do.  It contains a content editor that is similar to Microsoft Word.  It will even spellcheck for you.

With access to the back end of your site, you can take your keyword research and write content that is keyword filled and has content that is interesting to Google and your potential dental patient.


Content, Content, Content – Step Four

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All the web marketers, advertisings, and SEO people will tell you the same thing about content. “You must have a About, Contact Us, and Services tab.” They may even take the time to assist you with key words that will help with your google ranking.  The potential dental patient will need to see all of that (of course).  However, what if Google does not like your content?  Think about this.  Why would Google rank your site higher than the dentist down the street if you are providing generic content.

First and foremost, write for Google not your patient. Provide Google with unique content.  Google does not care that you graduated from University of Detroit or the University of Michigan. 80% of the dentists in Michigan went to these schools. Google probably does not care that you graduated top of your class.  The things that are important to potential patients are not the things that are important to Google.  And if Google does not care about your content, then your potential patient will never see your content.  The best dentist in Michigan cannot get around content that Google does not find unique.

When writing content for your site, remember, Google first, dental patient second.


Other Steps

This article does not address everything necessary to maintain a top website. It does provide an approach for assessing your current website and current rankings. These steps are consistently present in websites of successful businesses.

A website is an ongoing project. Even once you start to see results, eventually the content will become stale to Google. The content will need changing and the pictures as well.  But none of that will matter without addressing the basics of dental practice marketing.

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