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Additional Dental CPA Accounting and Tax Services

Bookkeeping Support


Dental CPAMany Michigan dental practices prefer to use QuickBooks online, and that works perfect for us. Most dental clients choose to provide us with an “Accountant’s” access to QuickBooks Pro. While QuickBooks is a generic program, there are certain things that a dental CPA can assist and resolve quicker than others.  It is also common for dentists to provide us with accountant access to online banking, and credit card account.  These access points allow for us to gather information necessary to keep your accounts in order and up to date.  This type of access prohibits us from transacting.

Dental CPA accounting and tax service support, allows you to call or email us with bookkeeping questions and issues, and we can quickly track it down and resolve the problem so you can get back to dentistry.


Dental CPA SpecialistOver the years, we have found that while there is one result for completing monthly and accounting, we find that there is not one preferred or standard way which a dentist uses QuickBooks.

Some dentists will make sure their bank and credit card transactions are entered, and even go so far as to reconcile their own bank account and credit card statements before turning over the accounting and bookkeeping over to us.

Some DDS’s choose to enter in each transaction daily. Recording each deposit and printing each check for disbursement out of QuickBooks. Other’s take an alternate approach and link their bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks and have the transactions uploaded to QuickBooks.

Some dental clients choose to only pay their bills in QuickBooks and have the deposits uploaded, or choose to have the accountant enter in this information.

Payroll Processing

Dental CPA Express Payroll SolutionsThis option depends on how you wish to use your dental accountant when it comes to payroll processing. If you wish to run all your own payroll that is fine with us. If you want to run payroll but feel more comfortable with us doing the quarterly 941’s and W-2’s at the end of the year, your dental accountant can do that.  If you would like us to handle your payroll processing including making the tax payments and direct depositing your employee paychecks, we can do that as well.

Bank Reconciliations

State of MichiganIf you have neither the time or the desire to reconcile your own bank accounts your dental accountants can take over that function as well. We will reconcile your accounts monthly on a timely basis, so that you can rely on the account balances that QuickBooks provides.

Retirement Accounts

Dental CPA MICPA MemberWhile we do not manage your investments for you, we will help you determine what type of retirement accounts best fits your practice and your needs. Most dental practices make use of defined contribution plan. Defined contribution plans include: SEP, 401(k), Safe Harbor 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, and Money Purchase Pension Plans. We can help you determine which works best to maximize your own contribution while making sure that your plan does not become “top heavy”. We can also assist with defined benefit plans.


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