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Personal Property Tax

23 Feb, by Jschultz in Accounting, Business, Tax, Tax-Preparation

Personal Property Tax is in for a major change in Michigan starting in 2014.  Most businesses with small amounts of personal property will no longer be subject to the Michigan personal property tax.  In order to qualify you must submit an affidavit Form 5076 to…

Tax Tables 2014

29 Jan, by Jschultz in Tax

The 2014 tax table can be found below.  They are critical in help clients during the tax planning stage. When tax planning it is necessary to plan during the year. If your are planning for 2014, by the time 2015 rolls around it is too…

Veterans Property Tax Exemption

27 Jan, by Jschultz in Tax, Tax-Preparation

  Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans. Below you will find PA 161 which allows disabled veterans a property tax exemption in Michigan. Governor Snyder recently signed into law P.A. 161 o f 2013. This Act amends MCL 211.7b regarding Veterans Exemptions to read as…