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Website Gross Profit

02 May, by Jschultz in Accounting, Tax-Preparation

    So are you trying to build your website retail presence.  First we need to do is run the numbers.  But we need to work backwards. First things first.  What is your average internet sale amount? For the sake of conversation let us assume…

Dentist Tax Accounting

01 May, by Jschultz in Accounting, Tax

  Dentist Tax Accounting Schultz & Associates, CPA provides specialty dentist tax accounting services for practices in the metro Detroit area. Navigating the tax implications of P.C’s or PLC’s can be complicated. The Firm’s managing partner has been working with them for twenty years and…

CPA Firm Tax Tip

24 Apr, by Jschultz in Tax

    CPA Firm Tax Tip Recently I ran into a mess when our CPA firm was called to assist with a trust issue. It was in regards to a decedents grantor trust. The beneficiaries of the trust were mostly minor children and according to…


23 Apr, by Jschultz in Tax

  There are a lot of good things happening at our Firm and one of them is my commitment to figuring out what a hash tag is by year end.  That being said, we have purchased the domain and are now using the hash…

Tax Season Recap

22 Apr, by Jschultz in Accounting, Tax, Tax-Preparation

  The 2014 filing season is over as I write on Earth Day 2014 this tax season recap.  I have some optimism from the season which saw small business owners seeing increased revenue, employee’s receiving cash and stock bonuses and clients starts to put more…