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Tax Preparers Located Near Livonia







Tax Prepares Located Near Livonia Michigan

Jeffrey Schultz, CPA of Schultz & Associates, CPA Plymouth MichiganSchultz & Associates, CPA are tax prepares located near Livonia Michigan.  We are a top ranked CPA firm. The CPA and tax preparation firm was established in June of 2003. The Firm is located at 496 W. Ann Arbor Trail.  The building has its own parking lot for easy access in and out.  The Firm is a member of the AICPA and MACPA.

Jeffrey W. Schultz CPAWhile we are not exactly in Livonia we are a quick drive from anywhere in Livonia.  We promise individual service which big from knowledge. Call today and ask for Jeff Schultz.  He will spend a few minutes reviewing your individual income tax preparation needs. Jeff will give you a price quote over the phone that we will stand by.  We promise our fees will be competitive with most other prepares.  We have even been known to charge less than the big green box preparation service.  We usually can get you in for a appointment the same week.  We will promptly returns your emails and phone calls. And as long as we receive 100% of your documentation prior to March 15, we promise to have your return completed within 7 days. We promise not to extend your return if we have all your data. We have the tax knowledge and are properly staffed to properly service your income tax preparation needs.

Call Jeff today at 734-354-2380

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Individual Tax Prepares Located Near Livonia Michigan

Basic Tax Returns

Schultz, CPA considers basic tax return prep to include Federal Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule B and MI Form 1040. Often clients with a basic tax return will also have college tuition or daycare expenses. We are happy to sit down and help you with this type of income tax return preparation. Our fixed fee for this type of income tax return prep is $275.

Complex Tax Returns

Schultz, CPA works with business owners, real estate investors, the high net worth and net income, trust beneficiaries and stock investors. Individuals who fall into these categories tend to have complex tax returns and tax issues.  We have processed thousands of returns that require tax expertise. When you speak with a staff member about your complex tax issue, you will find that they have worked previously with clientele who have certain issues as yours. The Schultz CPA staff typically does not have to reinvent the wheel when a client comes in with a new issue for themselves.



Business Tax Prepares Located Near Livonia Michigan

Schultz & Associates, CPA works with many business owners located in Livonia Michigan. We often go right to the clients place of business to bring their accounting and bookkeeping records up to date. Our Livonia clients do not revolve around any one industry.  Currently we service the following industries in Livonia Michigan:

  • Attorney
  • Auto Repair
  • Commercial Contractor
  • Dentist
  • Insurance Agent
  • Manufacturer
  • Machine Shop
  • Non Profit Organization
  • Retail Store
  • Restaurant

Some of the businesses that we have worked with in Livonia were once start – up companies. These start – up’s first started with basic accounting and tax services, but and they grew and their needs changed Schultz, CPA was able to adjust.  No matter the revenue of the company, the size of the staff or the number of location, Schultz CPA is capable to providing timely and accurate service.


Trust & Estate Tax Prepares Located Near Livonia Michigan

estate and trust tax returnTrust and Estate tax planning and preparation is an expertise. Our accountants have prepared over 2,000 trust and estate tax returns (Form 1041) over the past twenty years.  The Schultz, CPA staff have prepared simple and complex trust tax returns.  The staff have prepared tax returns for special needs trusts.  The Schultz staff have worked with trust that are currently distributable as well as trust that currently are not distributable.



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Case Studies from our Clients Located in Livonia Michigan

The follow are a couple of examples of how we have helped some of our clients that are located in Livonia:

  • Tax Credit For Livonia Business Owner -We were able to get over $1,500 of tax credits for a Livonia small business. The Livonia business offered health insurance to its full time employees.  We analyzed  the businesses revenue and the number of employees. By doing so we were are to determine that the Livonia small business was eligible for the credit. We filed the return and they received their refund check.


quickbooks pro advisor

  • QuickBooks Help for Livonia Business – We were working with a Livonia dentist new to self employment. The Livonia business owner was looking for guidance on record keeping. The Livonia business owner was going to have to do the accounting herself. There was not enough money in the budget to afford to pay someone to provide this function. We advised the dentist to purchase QuickBooks Pro.  They installed QuickBooks onto their laptop computer and made a appointment to visit our office for a tutorial. The Livonia dentist arrived with bank statements, credit card statements, payroll journals and of course they brought their laptop. The Schultz staff set up the company in QuickBooks, which included the chart of accounts. From there the Schultz staff member sat down with the dentist and instructed her on how to properly enter information into QuickBooks. The Livonia dentist left happy.  The dentist called a few time a week after that to ask questions.  But after a month the Livonia dentist was a QuickBooks Pro.



  • Financing Issues for Livonia Company – One of our clients located in Livonia was using his own cash to fund the growth of this business.  The business had been operating for ten years and was always profitable. The business owner was looking to make another large capital out lay.  this time he was considering using a leasing company to finance the purchase. We sat down with the client at their Livonia headquarters and discussed the issues.  In addition to pursuing the leasing option our firm suggested meeting with a banker as well. We provided him with a name of a banker that we have worked with in the past. The commercial banker was interested in financing the Livonia business owner. The Livonia business owner had us prepare compiled financial statement for the previous year and well as for the current year to date. The financial statements were submitted to the bank along with the other required paperwork. Within 60 days the deal was complete and the Livonia business owner was lent the money he needed in order to grow his business.


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Tax Preparers Located Near Livonia


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