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Tax Preparers Located Near Northville


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Tax Preparers Located Near Northville Michigan

Schultz & Associates, CPA are tax preparers located near Northville Michigan.  We are a top rank CPA firm. The CPA and tax preparation firm was established in June of 2003. The Firm is located at 496 W. Ann Arbor Trail.  The building has its own parking lot for easy access in and out.

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Individual Tax Preparers Located Near Northville Michigan

Northville Tax PreparationComplex Tax Return’s

Schultz, CPA works with business owners, real estate investors, the high net worth and net income, trust beneficiaries and stock investors. Individuals who fall into these categories tend to have complex tax returns and tax issues.  We have processed thousands of returns that require tax expertise. When you speak with a staff member about your complex tax issue, you will find that they have worked previously with clientele who have certain issues as yours. The Schultz CPA staff typically does not have to reinvent the wheel when a client comes in with a new issue for themselves.



Business Tax Preparers Located Near Northville Michigan

Schultz & Associates, CPA works with many business owners located in Northville Michigan. We often go right to the clients place of business to bring their accounting and bookkeeping records up to date. Our Livonia clients do not revolve around any one industry.  Currently we service the following industries in Northville Michigan:

  • Manufacturer
  • Machine Shop
  • Non Profit Organization
  • Retail Store
  • Restaurant

Some of the businesses that we have worked with in Northville were once start – up companies. These start – up’s first started with basic accounting and tax services, but and they grew and their needs changed Schultz, CPA was able to adjust.  No matter the revenue of the company, the size of the staff or the number of location, Schultz CPA is capable to providing timely and accurate service.

Non Profit Tax Preparers Located Near Northville Michigan

Tax returns for exempt organization are very complex. The Form 990 or Form 990EZ should be filed annually regardless whether the IRS regulations require it. It is an important function and will keep your organization in compliance.  It is important to know what the laws are in the state of Michigan to determine if any reporting in addition to the tax return is necessary.  Organization who engagement in fundraising activities in Michigan must also report to the State Attorney General. Depending on the annual revenue of the organization, a financial statement audit may be required. Schultz, CPA can help with your tax preparation needs, and your financial statement needs.




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